BMW E46 Sitbelow 2k17 Edition

E46 by Sitbelow – quite an extraordinary project, a dream in metal. Diffuser, bashbar, widebody, frame and fierce wide wheels - It's all about it.

The Listva 2018

How was the Listva 2018 in this year? My observations and conclusions

The Listva 2017

The 2018 season is about to start, and I would like to refresh our feelings about one of the few Moscow events of 2017 that has collected more than 100 projects from Moscow, Moscow region and other regions.

Raceism 2017

Bavarian, VAG, Lambo and Lada - what do you associate with this guys? I associate with Raceism, wich held on 8-9 of July in Wrocław (Poland)

Fairlady | Datsun 240z

Incredible attention to detail project made in 2 years with its rather interesting challenges during assembly and swap. Lovely appearance, as if the car just left the assembly line. Concise carbon inclusions and rims Work Meister CR01 is combined with the concept of the project. Salon deserves, of course, some praise. If to speak about power, the car produces 400 horsepower and 460 Newton metres.